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03 June 2005

More Follow Brown Out The Door

Cambuslang Rangers manager Scott Archer has also transfer listed Derek Carmichael, Jamie McCarroll and Craig Ferguson. Scott has also released keeper David Lowe and is waiting on several players accepting or rejecting the offers put to them. He has still to speak to a couple of players regarding terms for next season. Martin Feenie being one of those players. Martin should not be allowed to leave Somervell, his experience at this level is invaluable as is that of Skipper Billy Holmes. Billy has decided to wait to see how his knee op heals and will then decide wether to stay at Somervell Park.

The Lang Online would like to wish the players leaving all the best at their new clubs…

28 May 2005

Lang Transfer List Brown

Cambuslang manager Scott Archer has slapped striker Paul Brown on the transfer list. He has also hinted that this won’t be the only big name leaving Somervell this summer.

Scott says below par performances at the end of the season are going to end careers of some players at this club. Our 1-0 defeat to Lugar Boswell seemed to be the final straw for The Lang Manager and he seems certaihn to show others the exit door pretty soon. Scott Said “ It’s still very disappointing. There wasn’t much in the game, apart from the goal we conceeded.

“In the second half I thought the performance was a bit better, but I think a lot of the guys have got it into their head were safe from relegation, so they’re not putting in the same commitment.

“I’d still like to have got something in our last 4 matches, but I’m more or less looking forward to next season.

“A lot of the guys don’t seem to realise thy are playing for their futures.

“I have to be honest and say a lot of them have actually played their way out of my plans

“But now I’m thinking ahead to next season, to start again with fresh faces.

Scott Explained “Paul Brown has been placed on the transfer list. He didn’t request it – I listed him.

“I put him on the list after Friday’s match, and he didn’t appear for the second half.

“He’s a good player with a lot of ability, but the attitude also has to be there, with Paul it isn’t…

“ He’s not 100% committed to the club, I don’t want guys here who won’t give everything for the team.”

Report Courtesy Kenny Smith of the Reformer