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Chris Doyle





Position Played?

Right Back at moment

(everywhere when playing for Gary!!)


Electrical Engineer


Marital Status/Children?

Single/No children


Previous Club(s)

Dalziel / Motherwell Miners / Balmore


Honours won?

5 x League winner


Best Senior & Junior Ground Played At?

Hampden / Dunterlie Park (Arthurlie)


Worst Senior & Junior Ground Played At?

Fir Park / Vale of Clyde


Team Supported As A Boy?



Best Player Played With?

Lee McCulloch


Best Player Played Against?

Cant think of anyone


Best Goal Scored?

Goal that won last game of season to win league with Motherwell BC

Most Memorable Match and Why?

All 3 Matches for Scotland in UEFA Qualifying group in Luxembourg

V Holland / Northern Ireland / Luxembourg

Favourite Food And Drink?

Chinese / Smirnoff Norsk


Favourite Film Of All Time?

Shawshank Redemption


Your Funniest Dressing Room Moment?

Reidy when on form


Your Ideal Date?

Liz from Atomic Kitten


Nickname and Why?



3 Things For A Desert Island?

Factor 2 bronzing oil, Liz from Atomic Kitten and Smirnoff Norsk

Who Is The Longest In The Shower?

Ask Gary!!


Funniest Current Player and Why?

Reidy never a dull moment


Biggest Whinger On & Off The Park?



Fav Music You Like To Listen To?



First Home In Taxi After A Night Out?



Who Is The Best Senior Player Of All Time?