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Gary McGuigan





Position Played?

Centre half





Marital Status/Children?

Single/no kids


Previous Club(s)

Dalziel HSFP


Honours won?

League last year


Best Senior & Junior Ground Played At?

Somervell Park, obviously


Worst Senior & Junior Ground Played At?



Team Supported As A Boy?



Best Player Played With?

Wee Taz


Best Player Played Against?

Canny mind his name played against him in the Scottish cup final he was class he ended up at Barnsley

Best Goal Scored?

For Craigneuk in Scottish cup final, just a header but an important one

Most Memorable Match and Why?

The semi final of the Scottish in the same year we won at East Stirlingís park in front of loads of our fans, great atmosphere and great prize at the end of it and I scored

Favourite Food And Drink?

Italian food and I drink gallons of milk


Favourite Film Of All Time?



Your Funniest Dressing Room Moment?

Were not allowed to carry on in the dressing room haha

Your Ideal Date?

Jenny Frost! Anywhere


Nickname and Why?

Guigsy, obvious reasons


3 Things For A Desert Island?

A ball, jenny frost and a boat to come home after a few weeks

Who Is The Longest In The Shower?

Gary Shillady AKA Tripod


Funniest Current Player and Why?

That Daft Reidy


Biggest Whinger On And Off The Park?

without doubt coach Fusari


Fav Music You Listen To?

hip hop/rap especially 50cent  and Dr Dre


Who Is First Home In The Taxi After A Night Out?

Iíve got a bit of previous but after our night out in Glasgow Iíve got to say Reidy


Best Senior Player Of All Time?

Best probably Maradonna but my favourite ever is Cantona