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Gary Reid





Position Played?






Marital Status/Children?

Single/no kids


Previous Club(s)

Dalziel HSFP


Honours won?

Greater Glasgow League winners 2005/06


Best Senior & Junior Ground Played At?

Somervell Of Course


Worst Senior & Junior Ground Played At?

Vale Of Clyde


Team Supported As A Boy?



Best Player Played With?

Brian Kerr


Best Player Played Against?

Stephen Hughes


Best Goal Scored?

Lobbed the goalkeeper from my own half with Newmains in a cup final.

Most Memorable Match and Why?

Scoring 5 in a 5-2 victory with Jerviston.


Favourite Food And Drink?

Indian and Irn bru


Favourite Film Of All Time?



Your Funniest Dressing Room Moment?

When Chiff takes his boxers off.


Your Ideal Date?

Cheryl Tweedie


Nickname and Why?

Reidy..not sure why??


3 Things For A Desert Island?

2 strippers and an aeroplane.


Who Is The Longest In The Shower?

A certain Mr Shilliday now that Chiff has left. ha-ha


Funniest Current Player and Why?

Andy Eadie, heís always pulling funny faces


Biggest Whinger On & Off The Park?

Coach Fusari


Fav Music You Like To Listen To?

Anything Thatís On The Radio


First Home In Taxi After A Night Out?

Ally and Guigsy(in the same one)


Who Is The Best Senior Player Of All Time?