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Gary Shillady





Position Played?

Full Back/Sweeper



Faults Manager


Marital Status/Children?

Engaged Ė 2 kids, Laura & David


Previous Club(s)

Too many to mention and people will be jealous

Honours won?

BP Youth Cup twice, few cups and leagues

Best Senior & Junior Ground Played At?

Hampden & Dunterlie, Arthurlie


Worst Senior & Junior Ground Played At?

Cliftonville & Aberdeen Young Boys


Team Supported As A Boy?



Best Player Played With?

Des Ainsley


Best Player Played Against?

Ian McDonald


Best Goal Scored?

Volley with Dalziel 2yrs ago.

The boys will tell you ha ha.

Most Memorable Match and Why?

Our team beating EK Thistle. Small ripple of pride and some told you so thoughts.

Favourite Food And Drink?

Spaghetti Meatballs. Cold bottled lager.


Favourite Film Of All Time?

Godfather II


Your Funniest Dressing Room Moment?

Gary Reid slagging anyone.

He has a real quick sense of humour.

Your Ideal Date?

Dark haired lead singer Nicole from the

Pussycat Dolls

Nickname and Why?

Angry Ant. Work colleagues call me Banger

But canít go into that!

3 Things For A Desert Island?

Nicole from the Pussycat Dolls.

Michael Bubble on my I-Pod. Sun cream.

Who Is The Longest In The Showers?



Funniest Current Player and Why?



Biggest Whinger On & Off The Park?



Fav Music You Like To Listen To?



First Home In Taxi After A Night Out?



Who Is The Best Senior Player Of All Time?